A fascinating and nostalgic retro atmosphere

Our hotel… we shall begin by telling you what it is not! It is not an environment that exhudes luxory, although it once was. It is not a place characterized by a modern minimalist taste. However, it is a place where you will experience the sobriety of the years past. It is not equipped with the latest innovations in comfort as the best we can offer you is relaxation and our familiar warmth. We do not have a Spa and the interior design and setup change from room to room, but we provide our guests with the gift of blissfully silent days and quiet living that nowadays seem to be more and more difficult to find. Here in our facility you finally have the opportunity to focus on yourselves and fully enjoy your free time. You can hike, forget about your expensive gym membership to try the sports that nature itself offers while remaining off the beaten track and forgetting all about the stress caused by your daily routine.

Our gifts to you are an escape from the chaos of reality and silence, today increasingly more evasive and difficult to find. Our gift to you is a little time: time to focus on yourselves.

Mara, Marino e Tiziano Tremonti


The hotel

Come in and visit our hotel, one of the oldest facilities in the Cadore Valley, located right at the heart of Lorenzago, the Popes’ Town.


The Tremonti Family

This is a story that would require much more space and time to be told in its entirety. Our family’s origins date back to ancient times but I will only focus on the events that have taken place from the beginning of the 20th century to present day.

The Nature of the Cadore Region

In and around the strikingly gorgeous woods of the Cadore region, roam freely over 50 different species. The diverse and rich fauna makes these Alpine forests even more interesting on both an ethologic and a naturalistic level.

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Viale Città di Genova, 266
32040 Lorenzago di Cadore (Bl)
Phone number: 0435 75004
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